Retreat Series Week 4: The Disciplines of Rest and Delight

Isaiah 58:6-14

Bringing God's Reality into Everyday Life
It may seem strange to use Isaiah 58 as a text leading up to our retreat: "In God's Presence-Seeking Rest and Delight in Everyday Life." It's a great text about the union of faith and justice. But notice how Isaian moves to a call for Sabbath. He mentions yokes 3 times, all negative. Jesus calls us to take his yoke and find rest for our souls (Mt. 11:29-30). Jesus challenges us to release our grip of anxiety and learn to trust God and seek his kingdom.

Retreat Series Week 3: All You who Labor and are Weary

Matthew 11:25-30

God and the Holy Requirement of Rest
Our congregational retreat, "In God's Presence -- Seeking Rest and Delight in Everyday Life." Meditation on the meaning of Sabbath. Why does God make Sabbath one of the Ten Commandments? We need it. Stress, workaholism, 24/7, a city that never sleeps, Wall St., technology, fear of losing ground/work, competition, desire > need for more, perfectionism, parents' expectation, inner voice we're faking, competitive leisure, getting advantage.
But in the ancient world, 12-hr work day, no society support, struggle for subsistence.

Retreat Series Week 2: Delights Forevermore

Psalm 15:5-11

The Signpost of Delight / The Problem of Pleasure
Our congregational retreat, "In God's Presence -- Seeking Rest and Delight in Everyday Life."
We began last time reflecting on the idea of Sabbath/rest planted in the very active account of creation. God rests. God gives people a rhythm of rest in everyday life. But also part of that idea: the Sabbath is not sad or ascetic, but celebratory, a time of delight and pleasure. People have always lived hard lives. God wanted a time of focused joy and delight in our lives. Likewise Jesus, as Lord of the Sabbath, called his disciple to a deep "rest for your souls."

Retreat Series Week 1: The God Who Makes Sabbath Holy

Genesis 1:31 - 2:3

Jesus and the Meaning of Sabbath
Our congregational retreat topic, "In God's Presence -- Seeking Rest and Delight in Everyday Life," began from meditation on the understanding of Sabbath in both the OT and NT.
The Sabbath, "Rest," is one of the 10 Commandments, linked to the story of creation in which God sanctifies the seventh day (Saturday). It has always had a very prominent place in both Jewish and Christian thinking. In late antiquity as the Roman empire became Christianized, the use of 'Sabbath' shifted for Christians from Saturday to Sunday as a legal rest day.