Broken Humanity in the Absence of God

Romans 1:18-32

Looking into the Darkness of the Human Mind
Paul is unfolding God's announcement of Good News of what he has done in Jesus, Messiah of Israel and Lord of the world. That event / proclamation is his power to save everyone who trusts it, thus showing his faithful righteousness in keeping his ancient promises.
But the event corresponds to the need. The death of the Messiah, who is God, and his resurrection fit the profound darkness of the human plight. Paul looks at that plight in vv 28-32: humanity's unfit mind' produces destructive relationships, alienation from each other, violence, injustice, broken families, worthless promises, finding new ways to hurt. We not only do destructive things, we come to believe that that is normal and good.
This deep brokenness is why God has intervened in Jesus. God's wrath, ultimately seen in judgment, now is the basis for his intervention in Jesus to forgive, heal, reconcile.