Living the Expectant Present with Jesus

Matthew 6:25-34

Living in the Present with the Past and Future
We begin 2016 with Jesus’ call: “Seek first God’s kingdom....” Most of us consider ourselves either committed followers of Jesus or seekers, interested in his teaching. He is clearly giving a challenge, but what does it mean? How do I seek that kingdom? What if I can’t find it? Why does he talk about not being anxious? Isn’t he asking the impossible? I’m worried!
A striking thing about Jesus is how focused he is on the present moment, the person in front of him, the present need/opportunity, living now! He lived in a nation with a long, difficult past. The future holds conflict, persecution, death for himself and many of his followers. We haven’t done well in the past, we face a fearful tomorrow. No anxiety? How can I seek?