"What Shall I Do with Jesus?"

Matthew 27:11-31

A Silent Jesus – King, Messiah, Fool?
Mt. lead us through the swirl of events of Passover. The chief priests “handed Jesus over” to Pilate (Roman Prefect for 4 yrs, hated by the Jews, but worked with Caiaphas). This Passover has already seen one insurrection led by a man named Barabbas, charged with killing (a Roman), sure to be crucified with others (Mk 15:7). Now here’s another threat. Really? Caiaphas asked Jesus if he was “Messiah (Anointed king), Son of God,” in Scripture language. Pilate asks the same question in Roman words: “Are you the king of the Jews?” Jesus gives the same reply, but then silence. It’s the core question. What does God’s King look like; do?