“I Myself Am...” - Identity

Romans 10:18-11:6

Communities of Identities – God’s complex Creatures

We are finite beings, defined, limited. I’m the child of two parents, and theirs ... an ethnic descent, a gender. I’m from a location in place and time. I’m shaped by a family, society, culture, traditions, political possibilities, power structures (race, gender, money, etc.), history. I’m shaped by my own story, choices, relationships, actions, experiences, faith, beliefs, education, hopes, abilities, dreams.... It’s a God-given complexity that makes every person distinct and interesting. A world of fascination and conflict. In communities we interact and shape each other’s identities. Jews & Gentiles faced such conflict in Rome.
Paul is telling the event of Jesus, a very specific person in a limited time, place, history, faith, who sends a shock wave out into the world that can influence every human identity. God is working within human