The Ancient Future

1 Peter 2:1-10

Learning a Living Hope – Following the Prophets
Peter is leading believers under stress to grasp what it means that they’ve been “born again into a living hope” by Jesus’ resurrection from death. He’s talked of their future imperishable inheritance and that even as they face present persecution they’re guarded by God’s power for salvation. It all centers around Jesus, who brings inexpressible joy and a present experience of that salvation [1:3-9].
Peter knows how hard it is to become spiritual “resident aliens” in a vast empire with contrary values. He want them to know the depth of the story, the ancient past, that’s now theirs. In fact, what they are experiencing through Jesus’ resurrection is the fulfillment of the deepest promises of that past.
He doesn’t tell stories. They’ve probably learned them. He weaves together reflections on those stories in the language of scriptures they can study to help them understand their own life and identity. What they experience in their ‘modern’ time corresponds to what prophets saw in Israel’s life. He leads them into the rich poetic language of scripture to express the transformation they experience.