Minds Prepared for Action

1 Peter 1:13-25

Minds Ready to Move, Act, Serve, Do...
In 1 Pet 1:1-12, Peter writes to believers as "resident aliens" facing intense trials, but born again into "a living hope" by Jesus' resurrection. Thus they celebrate even under persecution. They have not seen Jesus, but love and trust him, and experience joy and glory and the deliverance of their lives.
The result is not passivity but readiness for action that can respond to diverse challenging situations. We "gird up the loins of our minds" (KJV). Like Israel at the Exodus, ready to move, to act at a moment's notice. Deliverance of our life / soul is a process in which we actively participate. Think clearly, soberly. Commit to our direction: Set your hope on the grace we see as we see Jesus. That grace has already been revealed and will be fully revealed. We live in and learn that Grace.