How Slow Embers Catch Fire

Luke 24:13-48

Broken Hopes and Living Hope
We focus on the meaning of Jesus' resurrection from Easter to Pentecost: a living hope (1Pet 1:3). Jesus entered Jerusalem to such hope, all so cruelly crushed in a cross and tomb! How could things go so wrong? How could a movement emerge? Was it wrong? What did Jesus' resurrection mean?
Luke emphasizes the perplexing events. None of Jesus' disciples could grasp his crucifixion or thought anything good could follow it. They were broken-hearted, disappointed. Male disciples hid. The women went to the tomb with spices to cover the smell of death. Then new things began to happen. An empty tomb. Women were told by 'angels' that Jesus was alive. The apostles couldn't believe it. They were amazed. They talked, argued. If only! Why not prevent death? Why not redeem Israel?