Thanks Giving and Remembrance Service

Our Remembrance and Thanksgiving service has been posted. Below are the tributes for this year along with the time code where the tribute for each person begins.

01:45 - Gloria Barreto by Tom Barreto

04:50 - Eddie Moloney by June Chang

06:14 - Dee Andrews by Erin Holland

08:12 - William “Bill” Milford Minor by Leighton Minor

18:22 - Arturo “Arthur” James by Yanela Stephenson

19:22 - Carmen “Pam” Wisdom by Melanie Rivers

20:09 - Malcom X. Bell by Diamond McDonald

21:56 - Ilene Levin Shulman by Betsy Shulman

25:13 - Allena Ann Robinson Kendall by Tom Robinson

29:53 - Joe Moriarty by Matt Henegar

33:29 - Jean Davidson by Erin Holland

36:22 - Norman Samuel by Mary Joseph

38:40 - John Boyles by Evan Eley

41:34 - Frank Peoples and Brother Joe by Carl Garrison