Loving the God of Life

Matthew 22:23-40

Priests of Tradition against Foolish Faith
Tensions rise as Jesus teaches in the Temple. He has challenged and condemned the priestly aristocracy that ran the Temple. He answered the Pharisees and Herodians about the tax.
Now the Sadducees, the theological organization of the leading priests, return. They opposed the Pharisees, rejecting resurrection, tradition not in Genesis-Deut., angels, etc. [Act 23:8] Temple tradition and priestly standing was all. Resurrection and judgment was a threat. It's the here and now of ritual, liturgy, temple that matter, not faith in some future life.
They bring a question to show that Moses' law [Dt 25:5-6] has no place for resurrection life. It's intended to make the idea of resurrection look silly. Just think of the soap opera!