Jesus and the Spirit of Life

Romans 7:21 - 8:6

The Spirit of Life -- Where Jesus' Life Meets Ours
Today is Pentecost (fifty days after Passover/Easter) the feast of Weeks. Acts 2 stamps it forever as the day of the coming of the Holy Spirit, the new beginning, the "power from on high" that Jesus promised. Jesus' new resurrection life, so startling to his disciples, now began to invade their own lives as the Spirit of God became part of them. Jesus was not calling people to be generally 'more spiritual.' He poured out God's own Spirit, new life, new power, that brought Jesus' work to fulfillment and changed everything.
The New Testament is filled with this. Luke tells the story in Acts. John describes Jesus anticipating the coming of the Paraclete/Advocate. Paul focuses on the Spirit in Rom 8. The Spirit is the presence of the one God, given to us, continuing God's work in Jesus.