The Freedom of “Abba! Father!”

Romans 8:9-17

Seeing Ourselves in the Reality of God (vv 9-11) 
In leading us to grasp what it means to be embraced by God’s love, Paul takes us to amazing expression of intimacy with God expressed by Jesus in calling God “Abba” – a child’s cry of “Papa,” “Daddy.” A sense of belonging/freedom/access with God of the universe. 
Paul wants to help his ancient Roman readers (& us) get our minds / our way of thinking around what has actually happened in God’s actions in Jesus and in giving His Spirit. It’s the climax of his long journey with Israel and opens that history to the whole world. It deals with the sin and brokenness of all human life by bringing God’s own life into it. In human Jesus, God takes our suffering, sin, and death into himself and creates life. For all who trust in him, God gives his Spirit, his ongoing presence and first taste of life.