"If God is For Us..."

Romans 8:31-39

Learning Who God Is?
The Bible is about God, and humans in relation to God. Paul says his whole proclamation is focused on Who God is. Is God distant, unconcerned, judgmental, condemning, an easy grandfather, an arbitrary tyrant, an impersonal force, nature itself, an abstract idea, an impenetrable mystery, a human projection, nothing, a nagging parent?

We know God only as he opens access by what he does. Paul has taken us through the human predicament and need, what God did through Israel, what God has done in Jesus, what God is doing in the Spirit. Now he wants the meaning of all that to penetrate our heart.
God shows that He is for us! Little words (hyper hemon). The "us" is everyone! All his creatures. Not our side against enemies. Jews, Romans, Greeks, Parthians, Americans, Syrians, French. There's no one he's against. What He has done creates inviting, freedom-giving love for all. The only "against" is the stuff we humans do to destroy & deface our lives -- sin, brokenness.