If the Spirit of God Lives in You

Romans 8:5-11

Realizing What God has Done
Rom 8 focuses on the new reality brought about by what God has done in faithfulness to his promises long ago, now brought to full reality in Jesus the Messiah and the active work of God's Spirit. It deals with the deep/complex brokenness, sin, & suffering we're caught in.
Good guidance was not enough. Even God's Law could'nt free us from the enslavement, but it made the problem clear and distinct. It led up to God's coming to his people in Jesus.
In him uniquely, God did what no amount of guidance or law for us could do: God brought his own life and reality into the broken human situation. He took on himself our death.
He treated us not just as rebels but as beloved creatures enslaved by sin and death, and condemned sin itself. God stayed with us in his Spirit. God embraced us with his love.