Lark has been a member of the Manhattan Church family since 1979. He is married to Erica Mason and they have three children, Joanna, Lark, and Melissa. He has been regularly involved in the life of the Manhattan congregation in many different roles, most recently as Elder and Deacon. The Manhattan church is a unique family of believers, who join together to worship and praise our God and creator, and meet to affirm his love in our actions toward each other.

Lark is an expert in Chinese art. He worked at Sotheby's in New York for 24 years before leaving in 2003 to start his own company,, an online fine arts and antiques auction company. He has appeared regularly on the PBS series The Antiques Roadshow since the show's inception in 1996 and is the author of many articles and books on the subject of Chinese and Asian art.

Angel was born in the village of Travesia on the north coast of Honduras, Central America. He came to the US with his parents in 1966 and settled in New York City in the South Bronx where he grew up. His parents were active in the Roman Catholic church. Angel attended William Howard Taft High School where he majored in music and played the saxophone and bass violin. He has always loved sports and became captain of his high school golf and swimming teams. 

In 2003, the members of the Manhattan Church expressed their desire for Angel to become one of the elders of the whole congregation. After prayerful consideration, Angel agreed to take on this new level of

Thomas Robinson is one of the elders and the senior minister of our congregation. He is the husband of Sonja Hals Robinson, a school administrator at the Buckley School here in New York, and is the father of three: Johanna, Alexandra, and Thomas. The Robinsons have been part of the congregation since 1979 when they moved to Manhattan from Cambridge, MA, and Tom became a teacher at Union Theological Seminary near Columbia University. There Tom taught graduate courses in New Testament interpretation, ancient Greek, early Christian history, and Greco-Roman culture and literature. During the nine years that Tom taught at Union Seminary, he became a deacon of the Manhattan Church and education director. In 1993, he became one of the elders of the congregation and in 1994 began serving as associate minister with Jim Petty. In 1996 when Jim retired, Tom was ordained as senior minister. 

One of his principal aims in ministry, Tom says, is to help the Manhattan Church grow as an urban community of faith, deeply rooted in the Gospel, empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the Gospel and to serve others, and thoroughly integrated and united across all boundaries of class, ethnicity, gender, and race. As the Manhattan Church reaches toward the 200th year since the "Church of Christ at New York" was established in 1810, it still has great challenges before it to be a witness to the transforming power of the Gospel in one of the greatest cities of the world.

Paul and Mary Delle first came to the New York in the summer of 1968, newly married, just graduated from Abilene Christian, and ready for medical school at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. Because Mary Delle's uncle, James Hance, was an elder at the West Islip Church, we initially commuted to worship with them for the first few months. Our first visit to the Manhattan Church was on the day the current building was dedicated. We found many fine people here. We also learned of a small work on east 83rd Street, originally begun as an outreach of the Manhattan congregation as part of the Shiloh ministry. We found this small group of people in need of our support and began a long relationship with the Eastside Church which would extend through 1985. The location changed in the 70's to the lower east side and while we were in Oklahoma for a few years, the church itself changed. When we returned in 1989, we found our new home with old friends at the Manhattan Church. We've been here ever since.

Serving as an elder has given me a deep appreciation for the talents that God has given this part of His family that worships here. So many people have gifts that are deep and diverse and we find great joy in helping to encourage and empower the use of those gifts whenever we can. The harmony and unity of the Spirit that pervades the eldership is also a wonderful blessing that makes serving in this way a wonderful experience.